Transport solution

Efficiently managing your waste collection



For waste collection, you need a fleet of trucks adapted to the different missions in the city center, on the outskirts or on industrial sites. Discover the Renault Trucks K range, which offers a combination of robustness, maneuverability, easy bodybuilder environment, with associated services that enable you to manage your fleet efficiently.

Waste collection truck: the right truck for the right purpose

Waste management in a local authority covers a wide range of situations. Whether it's collection in the city center, in suburban areas or waste management on industrial sites, robustness and maneuverability are the criteria of choice.


The Renault Trucks K Heavy 6x4 is the best answer to the needs of African cities and communities for daily sanitation operations.

Quickly adapt the bodywork of your choice

Waste collection requires very specific equipment that can be adapted to the different needs of the profession. To meet all these needs, Renault Trucks works closely with bodybuilders. The K range chassis are designed to facilitate bodybuilding with all the equipment dedicated to this profession.


The Renault Trucks K chassis offers a wide range of options and can be adapted to the technical requirements of the equipment.

Optimize your fleet management

The choice of routes for waste collection rounds is particularly important in terms of efficiency and can be changed regularly. Optifleet's connected fleet management solution allows you to plan your routes in the most efficient way possible and to know, in real time, the position of each of your trucks. If your activity is outsourced, Optifleet allows your partner to retrieve and integrate the data into its own management system.


In addition, the system provides precise information on consumption and on the use of equipment: use of the tipper when stationary, use of the idle speed, number of times the brake pedal is pressed, etc. You can also set an alert level to warn you if a vehicle is over-consuming and evaluate your drivers based on technical and objective data. You can, for example, set up a rational driving course. Optifuel Training courses are given by Renault Trucks experts in your company and in real operating conditions.